As you can see, bookkeeping and accounting is very important to your small business, but it can be tedious and time consuming for you to do yourself. You have more important things to do like working on and/or in your business. That is what we are here for. We offer full and partial bookkeeping service for you and your business. Let us take it off your hands so that you have the information, time, and freedom to make those important business decisions.

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Bookkeeping, in its simplest and broadest sense, is entering or recording financial transactions. But it goes much deeper than that. The financial data that is inputted and recorded paints a picture for you, the small business owner, and will show you things and answer to these following questions:

Having the answers to these questions will then enable to draw up conclusions as well, such as:

  • We need to sell x amount of products next month to meet our goal.​​
  • We will need to cut costs to maintain our profitability if sales stay consistent.
  • We have a total of x amount worth in product inventory.
  • So on and so forth...

​This will enable you to plan and strategize for what is the next best action to take with your business.

​+ ​Is my business making money?

+ Is my business profitable?

+ And much more...

+ What is my business's financial position?

+ What are my business's assets? How much are they worth?

+ What are my business's liabilities?​

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