We, at Personal Accountants Inc., offer financial planning, forecasting, and consulting on your business's financial needs. Allow us to help you reach your financial goals or whatever it is you would like to fulfill. Perhaps you are planning to sell your business, looking to expand, or are just writing up your business plan for your startup small business, our experienced team can advise and plan with you.

In any case, call us at (808) 674-0700 and we'll be honored to be at service to you for your financial planning, forecasting, and consulting services!


As we take care of your business accounting services, we are able to see the ins and outs of your business's financial data. When this happens, what happens is we begin to make connections within the numbers that we are accounting. Relationships between your business data begins to be realized and we are often able to conceptualize where you business may be heading in the future. And it's an advantage for you and your business.