How Can We Help Individuals?

Maybe you’re worried about being able to put enough money away ensuring that your child can go to college, or perhaps you’re evaluating a new investment opportunity and would appreciate some objective advice. Regardless of where you’re at in your planning process, My Personal CPA and Financial Planner, LLC can provide support and qualified strategic advice on the financial front.

Financial Planning for Businesses

For small businesses pursuing financing and entity formation, My Personal CPA and Financial Planner, LLC can help you attract potential financiers and choose a business entity that will serve your best interests come tax time.

Kenyata McCoy knows just what it takes to gain the confidence of banks and other lending institutions and has helped several businesses get up and running on the right foot. Moreover, Ms. McCoy can help you set meaningful financial goals for your business, ensuring you keep growing strong and in the right direction. She can help you put together a powerful business plan to help you chart a path to success. For businesses amidst changes in leadership or ownership, Ms. McCoy can offer invaluable assistance with the financial and technical aspects of succession planning. To top it all off, Ms. McCoy brings to the table an abundance of experience and know-how when it comes to tax filing. She’ll ensure that you don’t miss any deductions and procure the lowest possible tax payment or the largest possible tax refund.

If you’re interested in obtaining a first-class financial makeover for yourself or your business, set up a free consultation with My Personal CPA and Financial today. Kenyata McCoy will happily meet with you free of charge to discuss your financial planning needs. Contact the Kapolei office of My Personal CPA and Financial Planner

In any case, call us at (808) 674-0700 and we'll be honored to be at service to you for your financial planning, forecasting, and consulting services!


Financial Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Smart financial planning means your money goes further and your future becomes more secure. My Personal CPA and Financial Planner, LLC in Kapolei, Hawaii can help you take the necessary steps in the short-term to ensure long-term financial stability and success, both for yourself and/or your business. Founder, Kenyata McCoy, has been helping clients develop results-driven financial strategies for over 15 years. At My Personal CPA and Financial Planner, LLC, Kenyata McCoy has established a one-stop shop for individuals and businesses seeking a brighter financial future.