• ​Online Payroll Processing 
  • 24/7 access 
  • Payroll Audit and Forms assistance ​
  • ​Quickbooks Payroll Setup & Training 
  • 24 hour access to your online payroll and payroll reports.
  • Payroll Processing of Tax payments and Forms for Federal 941/944 
  • Payroll Processing of Tax payments and Forms for Federal 940
  • Hawaii Withholding and the Hawaii Quarterly Unemployment Tax​


Here are some of our payroll services:

Doing Payroll has never been easier! Click the image below to see just how easy it really is. Test Drive the Payroll App!

  • Payroll 01 - 10 Employees $120.00
  • Payroll 11 - 20 Employees $140.00
  • Payroll 21 - 30 Employees $150.00
  • Payroll 31 - 40 Employees $165.00​
  • Payroll 41-50 Employees $185.00

*​All priced include direct deposit.  Additional fees apply for check printing and processing

ONE TIME SETUP: ​ $150 + $10 per employee 

​Additional fees apply for historical paycheck entries

Up to 150 Employees max



The reason for hiring employees is to delegate jobs and make your life easier. Right? Well that is the goal. But with employees comes payroll. And learning how to do payroll, setting it up, or even doing it all together isn't the most attractive thing for most small business owners. That's what we are here for. We at Personal Accountant Inc. will do almost anything that has to do with your business payroll needs.

​​So, whether you want to learn and do your business's payroll yourself, or want us to take care of it for you, we're here to serve you, your company, and your employees!

Call us at (808) 674-0700 for your Hawaii payroll service needs!



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  • Payroll 51 - 60 Employees $205.00
  • Payroll 61 - 70 Employees $225.00
  • Payroll 71 - 80 Employees $245.00​
  • Payroll 81-90 Employees  $255.00 
  • ​Completion of Audit forms for TDI, Workmans Comp and DOL
  • Submission of New Hire Reports to the State CSEA
  • Email reminders and tax approval requests
  • Payroll Support and Assistance
  • Direct deposits for payroll
  • Employee access to view paychecks online
  • Easy exporting to Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online